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Document Information:

Use this search if you are looking for an instrument that has been filed and do not know exactly when it was filed. Make sure you enter the information in the same format as shown or it will not work. If you are looking for certain types of instruments during a certain period of time, try to narrow your search to small amounts of time or it may freeze up your browser.

Example: All mortgages filed between January and March of 2002 (there are 4,437). Try to limit your search to no more than a month at a time if you are searching by instrument type.

Search By Name:

Make sure when you search by name that you put an asterisk "*" after the last name, do the same on the first name. You can broaden your search if you put the first letter of the first name and then the asterisk "*".

Search By Subdivision:

You can search by lot, block and subdivision, lot and subdivision or block and subdivision.

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